Project Description

At Evergreen we evaluate what is thesis critical to the business plan and customize our engagements accordingly.

The Evergreen transformation allowed this traditional industry home building operator the opportunity to adapt to new business philosophies that were ahead of most industry leaders at the time. Following the score carding of current operations in leadership and sales we produced a comprehensive organization wide report.  Evergreen works with leadership to determine what is thesis critical to the overall financial health of the business. Two areas emerged as critical to the success of the business plan and that included financing structure and sales team specialization.  Following this analysis, we wrote a “New Business Plan” to help them restructure their leverage and locate new financing while also facilitating the refinement of current sales operations.

Evergreen worked with their teams In their Business and For their Business to develop 10 Key Steps in the New Business Plan:


  1. Score Card Organization as a whole.
  2. Development of Business Goals – What level of sales pace is required to achieve maximum return on working capital and what revenues are required to meet debt obligations?
  3. Green Advantage – Identification of Market Trends & Opportunities.  How/where would they need to position the company in order to take maximum advantage of the ever-changing buyer motivation.
  4. Development of Clear Objectives – Realistic milestones and timelines for success were identified, agreed to, and documented.
  5. Development of Strategies, Tactics, and Internal Team Structure – We defined exactly how they should approach the marketplace, and identified specific internal team member expertise that would be needed to provide leadership and fulfillment in order to maximize success. The last part of Phase one was achieving total alignment within leadership so as to hold the whole accountable and reward individual team members financially for their part of the organization wide success.


  1. Scorecard / Market Segmentation & Analysis
    1.  Scorecard
      1. What existing financing structures were unduly burdensome on the cost side and unduly burdensome on the financial covenant management side?
      2. Would existing lenders and financial partners be adequate to support the direction or would they need to deploy new source of capital in order to succeed in unstable environment while having the ability to move forward on the opportunities that an unstable marketplace presents?
    2. Market Segmentation & Analysis
      1. We defined how they should best focus their limited money, time, and human resources within the extremely broad market place.
  2. Cost Models & Service Needs: We provided the company with a better understanding of what they needed to consider in the way of the level of service needed to meet and exceed market expectations.
  3. Financial Models: We concentrated on how to structure profitable financial deals within the new marketplace.
  4. Delivery Models: We defined how and where to consider the best delivery models to meet the needed financial expectations.
  5. Product & Service Offerings: Evergreen worked with the design, marketing and sales team to develop new Product Configurations and Service Offerings that allowed the company to develop a strong competitive advantage immediately upon entering any new community or marketplace.
    1. As a direct result of this work, our client company stabilized its financial game plan and readied itself for opportunity by accessing affordable capital and lucrative private equity arrangements capturing over $100 Million dollars of new business within the first two years. The initial focus was on current projects, followed by expansion into Joint Ventures and General and Limited Partnership opportunities within larger funds.


The company is now well recognized across it’s industry as the leader in corporate structure from finance to sales.  Our client has entertained majority investments and an out right sale of the business but it has declined.  Our client has achieved Evergreen status and today it is still operating under the same general structure provided during the original engagement.  Evergreen still does Green assessments to determine their fitness to survive another industry downturn and the assurance it will be healthy enough to take advantage of the winter economies that are sure to come.