Business Advisory

Services Provided

Business Development

Evergreen collaborates with clients to market products, build alliances, and move from stasis to success. The companies we create often reflect the values we seek in our lives. We want to grow, but we often plateau just at the edge of success. We reach a few of our goals and then stall, unsure of how to continue to advance. Often, we need guidance to grow.

Outbound Sales Development

The Green Development Program is a playbook of repeatable steps to drive outbound engagement for your organization. The steps include: Prospect Targeting, List Building, SDR Training and Sales Scripts, System Setup and Integration, Direct Sales and Engagement. Through years of developing this program, we have been able to consistency drive sales forward within organizations.

Business to Business

Business development in the Digital Era requires organizations to adopt new strategies and tactics to adapt to opportunities and challenges created by the increasing use and constant evolution of social and digital technologies. Engaging prospects is increasingly more difficult as they prefer to be in charge of the acquisition process. Today’s prospects frequently conduct their own research and qualify potential vendors utilizing top google search results and social media.

Business & Technology Leadership

Digital Era Leadership Development is an important consideration for organizations of all types and for leaders at virtually every career stage. Assuming that mid to late career leaders are exempt because they aren’t digital natives and/or that early career professionals will naturally evolve into effective Digital Era leaders reflects sub-optimal thinking at best. This can result in significant performance inefficiencies for individuals and organizations.

Business Model Transformation

Our Business Model Transformation services focus on how organizations should consider transforming themselves for future success. We focus on opportunities and challenges, guiding organizations and their leaders to think about pragmatic and evolutionary approaches to change over the short and long term. Evolutionary changes that effectively balance historical precedent, current challenges, and future trends.

Digital Coaching

Starts by putting social and digital technologies into perspective and then guides clients in determining which tools and platforms are the most appropriate, the type and level of involvement that produces the best results, and how to maximize their use and value. Through discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on work sessions, Evergreen helps busy professionals climb their digital learning curves efficiently and effectively, in a way that makes the most sense for them.

Business Strategy

We can help your group or organization maximize its ability to define, pursue, and achieve its goals and objectives. We specialize in the applications and implications of evolving social and digital technologies; however, the same underlying principles and guidance can be applied to broader concerns relating to business development, human capital management, and internal and external communication.

Change Management

Effective change management and communication are critical to the success of any technology initiative in organizations. Among other things, intended users of new platforms and tools must understand their value, believe in management’s commitment to leveraging them to achieve strategic objectives, have the knowledge and skills to use them effectively, and be properly motivated to change their habits and behaviors. With our series of change management steps, we help organizations implement changes effectively, and with reduced friction.