Technology Advisory

Services Provided

Artificial Intelligence – AI

AI is rapidly changing the global landscape. By utilizing a combination of deep learning neural networks, machine learning models, and big data collection, organizations are able to optimize their operations and mitigate risk. Evergreen can help organizations map out their AI potential, devise an implementation plan, and build the models and infrastructure to get the organization AI optimized.

Deep Learning & Neural Networks

Deep learning neural networks brings machines to the closest level of human decision making. These networks are structured similar to synapses of a human brain and through multiple iterations of weighted outcomes, deep learning can classify data, detect anomalies, predict customer churn, and more. Through Evergreen’s planning and implementation of Deep Learning algorithms, businesses can identify key insights and drive performance.

Machine Learning

Machine learning models are the foundation to statistical operating performance. Data driven organizations utilize supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement models to drive alpha decision making. The ability to cluster customers, identify anomalies, and group behavior patterns is vital for today’s business and technology applications. Evergreen help’s organizations apply these models in a methodical and repeatable fashion.

Big Data

Big data collection and curation is critical for data driven decision making. Evergreen devises strategies for collecting and harnessing data for AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning implementations. Without a sustainable and methodical data collection, validation, and security process in place, the effort of collecting data could not only be less performing, but also impose data liabilities.

Business Intelligence

The process of automating Key Performance Indicators, KPIs, for your industry can drastically increase your operating awareness, and provide valuable insights to your business. Evergreen’s cross industry experience helps companies strategize a plan to develop business intelligence awareness guides, and build analytics dashboards for continuous performance tracking.

Cloud Architecture

Implementing a well-planned Cloud Architecture is critical in today’s digital climate. Evergreen’s development and cloud infrastructure experience can help your organization reduce costly cloud implementations, streamline development and deployments, enhance consumer experience, and extend application availability.

Cloud Security

Whether it is access to your cloud environment by your internal staff, port vulnerabilities, or data encryption, Evergreen Cloud Security service can help organizations operate securely. Evergreen can help you document your current security setup, identify vulnerabilities, and implement a plan for mitigating future security risks.

Project Planning & Management

Having a well-defined plan for your development project is crucial for successful and timely development. Utilize Evergreen to plan cloud or application developments to ensure a consistent and quality workflow from start to finish.

Outsourced Code Review

Organizations will often outsource development to reduce costs and internal operational overhead. This will often result in poorly written code being delivered over the course of several months, increasing technical debt. The technical debt incurred could result in increased maintenance costs, security gaps, less performing applications, and inhibited future development, due to poor code architecture. Evergreen helps companies devise a development plan as well as a standard of quality when outsourcing development, ensuring that the code delivered on a timely and consistent basis.

Workflow Design

Poor workflow design can add several unnecessary layers of costs to any technical project. Evergreen helps companies map out an efficient workflow design scheme to maximize the return on investment on technical investment.

Third Party API Integration

Integrating with third party APIs is a common practice for almost all applications in today’s environment. Often times there are several vendors that provide the same protocol as a service and provide their own SDK for application integration. Evergreen can help companies evaluate API vendors, and mitigate integration risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Depending on the business’ industry, there may be compliance regulations on data and security protocols that the business must comply with. Evergreen helps businesses identify gaps in compliance and comply with the agency’s checklist for their compliance audit.

Best Practices and Modernization

Employees at Evergreen is in a constant process of learning the best practice, obtaining technology certifications, and identifying solutions to optimize businesses through technology. With our landscape of business interactions, we have devised score cards to evaluate technology flows and help companies boost their technological return on investment.