Our Team

Over 30 Years of combined business, legal, and technology implementation


Charles “Bubba” Smith – CEO

Bubba has studied business for over 20 years starting at Duke University where he discovered his passion for business and achieved recognition in Markets and Management, Political Science and the Sociology of Business. His combination of acquired knowledge through experience in business management and sales, along with 16 years as a trusted legal advisor to companies in real estate and technology, is unique to the consulting industry. He studies the fundamentals and the latest trends in management, sales and business development daily. Bubba has experience in guiding companies through transitions from small to large teams with specialized roles and responsibilities. Bubba's evolution in business included starting, growing and later selling a successful law practice focused around real estate transactions in Eastern North Carolina. Bubba's experience ranges from strategy and M&A to large organizational transformations, including both lean and agile. His recent emphasis has been on corporate and business unit strategy with a focus on creating value and competitive advantage through sustainability as well as through technology and customer success.


Grant Weiss – CTO

Grant Weiss, Managing Director and CTO, has nearly a decade of experience developing web and mobile technologies. After graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and Management with a specialization in Finance and a minor in real estate, he founded Rockval.com, a real estate platform for discounted cash flow analysis across 10 unique property types. Additionally, Grant has worked in the real estate industry as an analyst, broker, and consultant. Grant also holds several credentials from amazon web services, including: Certified Machine Learning Specialization, Certified Big Data Specialization, Certified Security Specialization, and Certified Solutions Architect Associate. Grant has worked with several programming languages, including: C#, Python, PHP, Node.js, React, Angular, React Native, and more. Grant's true passion is for developing innovative technologies to transform industries and streamline business processes. Starting with the best practices to streamline development, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and ensure sustainability.