Project Description

The Evergreen transformation allowed this data software company to reinvent their distribution strategy. Following the score carding of current operations in leadership and sales operations we produced a comprehensive departmental report. Evergreen works with leadership to determine what is thesis critical to high quality sales engagement needed in enterprise level business development. One area emerged as critical to the success of the business plan which was to optimize the business development strategy for long sales cycles and sales team specialization. Following this collaboration, we immediately began a Green Routine to facilitate new sales strategy and sales operations centered around an engagement cadence. The engagement cadence allowed us to build confidence within the sales team that prospect would complete the KNOWTRUSTBELIEVE path that is needed to in enterprise level clients.

Evergreen worked through the KNOWTRUSTBEIEVE methodology to cover all business development components including sales and marketing.


How do we create a level of knowledge about our offering with the requisite intimacy that would make prospects take action to learn more. In addition, what mechanisms are available to us that would create a wide and deep distribution. The distribution would need to create enough qualified leads that would lead to the projected revenue. Prospects Knowing our offering is necessary to begin a relationship with achieve engagements with our in market sales teams.


How do we leverage current engagements, customers and industry expertise to gain Trust with prospects. The Trust threshold would have to be high enough to gain a proof of concept or test case with prospects. The only way to win business in complex sales is by figuring out a way to give prospects a test run with the services to truly differentiate the offering. (exceptions are possible to this rule)


Prospects will not move their data software business to a new vendor just for a better price. Enterprise level systems are too entrenched and require a clear understanding of the terms of the relationship, on-boarding and data migration. Prospects must believe that changing vendors is worth it in the long term and must believe short term challenges are manageable at worst and seamless at best. Without prospects having a clear picture and defined and dated milestones qualified leads and well nurtured prospects will fail to convert most of the time.


Development of Clear Objectives: Realistic milestones and timelines for success were identified, agreed to, and documented. Development of Strategies, Tactics, and Internal Team Structure: We defined exactly how they should approach the marketplace, and identified specific internal team member expertise that would be needed to provide leadership and fulfillment in order to maximize success.

As a direct result of this work, our client company was able to create distribution in 7 more states. Hire 7 new in market sales professionals. Lead Generation increased 300% and sales cycles were reduced by 30% and deal sizes stayed largely the same. The initial focus was on current prospects, lead generation, followed by expansion into new territories and exploring new sectors.


The company is now well recognized across it’s industry as the leader in delivery innovation regarding on-boarding, data migration and user experience. Our client has achieved Evergreen status and is in growth and expansion mode but with a constant investment in fundamentals.